Submitted by stephencross on Thu, 06/13/2019 - 23:46
Standard Notes Logo

In my quest to use OS agnostic tools, I've switched note-taking applications a few times. I've used Evernote, Apple Notes and Simplenotes and recently discovered Standard Notes. My primary criteria for selection has been:

  • Application available on Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android
  • Automatic Syncing
  • Cloud storage (encrypted)
  • Lightweight and simple

Evernote - a pioneer in note taking everywhere, but it's too big and blotted for me.

Apple Notes - works excellent in the Apple eco-system only.

Simple Note - functionally hits all the marks, but like many of the other tools, does not store your notes encrypted.

Standard Notes - My current solutions of choice. Standard Notes hits all my marks and encrypts your notes before storing them on the cloud. A data breach at Standard Notes will not impact me. Two version are available, Standard and Extended. Standard is free and offers:

  • End to end private encryption
  • Sync all your devices
  • Web and offline access
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited devices


The Extended Edition is a subscription service, with a variety of enhanced features. The only one I'm interested in is "infinite undo".

A note-taking tool is critical to my daily workflow. For each ticket I'm working on, I start a note with the title as the ticket number. That note contains links to resources used to resolve the ticket, reminders to myself regarding the successful completion of the ticket and the draft deployment and UAT steps that will eventually be attached to the ticket.